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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 10, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. big support being grown behind a nfl hopeful michael sam said he is gay. the first lady calls him an inspiration. for the second time in two weeks atlanta braces for a winter storm. >> well, there has been plenty
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of support for michael sam, the young man who? the nevil's first openly gay player. the defensiv defensive lineman e world he is gay. messages of support have poored in around the world around the white house. first lady michelle obama and vice president joe biden tweeted their support. >> this is a huge story. we think about it, tony, as society begins to support guy rights issues. one day they would have an actively guy player. as to when makes michael sans announce because it comes right before the nfl draft. entering the league in a round that cost literally thousands of dollars for a player.
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>> i don't think it can hurt his draft status. i think the fact that he's coming out before the draft and being forward and up front with all the nfl personnel is very good positive sign. so he just wanted to make sure that that weight was off of his chest, and everyone knew the full story going in. >> are you not concerned some teams will shy away from sam because of this announcement? >> i hope they don't. it's time for a gay athlete to be active, and the way that michael has done this, i'm very brought of him, and i feel like he's got a weight lifted off of his chest now going forward where he could just play football. going into last season he came out to his teammates and coaches, and he had the best year of his life. i think this announcement will help him be a better football player at the next level. >> what gave you and the team the confidence that this was the right time not only for mike
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personally but for this announcement league-wise? >> the hand of mike's was a little bit forced by this situation by the fact that there was a lot of talk about it at the senior bowl not only by front office personnel but media players where several outlets had stories published, and they were waiting for a comment one way or another before they sent their story out. mike said if this is the story, i'll doing it on my terms. it's important if i'm going to make this announcement, that i do it my way. >> they're all very supportive of him at university of missou missouri, do you have confidence any nfl locker room he may be drafted into they will be as welcoming as the university of missouri? >> we do.
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all of the guys in missouri's locker room are trying to get into the nfl, so it's a professional atmosphere just like any nfl locker room would be. mike was showering with his teammates last year and there wasn't one issue. i don't understand why there would be one in a more professional atmosphere in the nfl. >> tony, it's that experience in columbia, missouri, that michael sam and his tam, his agent, and publicist and everyone involved is counting on him going into the nfl. >> i have a couple of questions. what has your canvassing been? i called two hall of famers and said give me the politically instruct answer. they said he will a have to thick skin, but regardless of what you do outside of the locker room, if you help us win, you can be my teammate. >> that comes to the second
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question. how good is he? >> the afc is the best coming conference in the country. one of the best defensive positions linemen, he led for tackles for loss and sacks. that's huge. he was co-defensive player of the league, right? last seven guys that had that title from drafted in the firstt round. he may be a three- or four-round guy because he's switching positions. >> have you heard anything? >> you mentioned first lady michelle obama and even players in the league they can tweeted supportive comments. it's time that everyone is saying the same thing except for jonathan vilma who said a week ago that shows of the homophobia
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that exists. >> right, right, the assault seahawks malcolm smith tweeted, there is no room for bigotry in american sports. it takes courage to change the cull. >> now, and the carolina panthers tweeted, i could care less about a man's sexual preference. i care about winning games and being respectful in the locker room. that's what everybody cares about, the more you win, the more money everybody earns. >> beyond a few major sports there are only a handful of openly gay players. jonathan betz breaks it down for us. >> it's a big announcement because few have walked this path that michael sam faces. the first professional complete to come out happened in 1975 soon after he retired from the nfl. silver others followed over the years but none have come out while still playing a major american sport. even basketball player jason
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collins came out towards the end of his career. he hopes to play but still has no team. garrett thomas, a well-known athlete. in 2009, he told the daily mail. he said his secret ended his marriage and nearly drove him to survive, but unlike others he played for two years with little backlash. that cannot be said of justin faushi no, the first and so far only british pro soccer player who came out to say he was gay throughout his career. that was in 1990. coaches treated him cruelly. fans loathed him and his life spiraled downward until he killed himself. now some sports diving and
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tennis do have openly gay athletes, but sports like football or soccer have yet to have an openly da gay athlete. >> today attorney general erik holder issued a memo recognizing same-sex marriage to the greatest extent possible under the law. promising equality to members of our society regardless of their sexual orientation. holder said the rules will apply to all states regardless of their stance on same-sex marriage. just as the federal government gave more benefits to same-sex couples, four couples filed, forcing ohio to recognize gay
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marriages on birth selves, they have been recognized on death certificates. the governor of issued state of emergencies for dozens of counties, and drivers have been told to stay off the roads. >> we should all use extreme caution. we're trying to make sure that are resources for treating our roadways have been stocked. >> well, a deal hopes to avoid a repeat. let's roll pictures from late in january. there was a massive gridlock in atlanta. people were trapped in cars. others simply abandoned them on highways, and many school children, they just spent the night in their schools. kevin is here with a look at what is coming georgia's way, and is it going to be as nasty? >> meteorologist: it could be as
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nasty, tony. i was listening to what some of my friends and family were saying in atlanta. they're already getting text messages to stay home. this is what is happening. this will build up, rain up towards the north we're talking about freezing precipitation. we're going to be seeing some of that weather advisory in affect already. so you can't deny this is coming like they tried to last time. we're talking about ice storm warnings in the carolinas. that's that pink area all the way back door towards texas. this is going to start in as rain, and then tomorrow night it's going to get cold enough that by wednesday morning it's going to get down about 28--27 degrees. that's going to be icing. it's going to be more of an icing event this time than it was last time where they got more snow that turned to ice. this is what we're going to be looking at tuesday afternoon as we put this back into motion crossing into parts of atlanta.
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right on the border we're going to be seeing this end probably by the end was thursday. do not going to work on wednesday or tuesday night. >> tuesday night into wednesday. >> absolutely. >> meteorologist: absolutely. also the bigger thing with this storm because it's a ice storm we're expecting to see more power lines down. >> wow, tree limbs snap, power lines go with those. kevin, appreciate it. thank you. another delay for obamacare. the white house is giving some businesses more time to comply with the law. mike very care are a joins us from the white house. which businesses are getting a bit of a repee and how much more time do they have to comply. >> this is the second delay. remember last year before the affordable care act kicked in the obama administration announced that employer mandate, the requirement that employers have insurance offer insurance to their employers have 50 or more employees that will be delayed until the beginning of next year.
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meanwhile the individual mandate goes on and everyone will have to have insurance by april 1st. those with a repee medium-sized companies. those who employ 59 to 99 employees, that delay until 2016. those with 100 or more employees, the phase in will go as follows. 70% of employees have to be covered by 2015. this is a bit of a set back. they announced this through rule making, the irs and the treachery department. it's a delay for immediate-sized companies, the. >> mike, are the critics screaming that the president is changing the law again? >> you might say that, more grist for the opponents on cap holcapitol hill. this were joking, is this the year of action that the president was talking about? you can expect the criticism to
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come fast and furious. >> mike viqueira for us. thank you. the jury deliberating the corruption trial of former new orleans mayor ray nagin. he's charged with taking bribes for lucrative contracts to rebuild the city. the jury is gone for the day, talk us through today's closing arguments. >> yes, tony, it looks like it's the beginning of the end of the ray nagin trial, but the end will take longer. they're going to be coming back tomorrow morning at 9:00. but prosecutors spent the day basically revisiting their case, showing the jury the evidence they had shown along the way. the paper trail showing documents, bank statements, phone records receipts, to connect the dots for the jury saying we showed you this, we connect this evidence to the
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witnesses in this case. therefore this guy is guilty. they call him a corruption mayor who, quote, bought his office. defense attorneys spent the day attacking the credibility of the star witnesses these in part are six people who all pled guilty or been convicted in charges related to the ray nagin case. those people testified over the past two weeks admitting yes, they did allegedly, they say, did bribe the mayor, were involved in some kick-back schemes. the defense said that's not true, and every contract the mayor gave out was in the best interest of new orleans. a lot of people puzzled by the fact that the mayor did not take a deal with prosecutors and decided to go to trial. ray nagin has been called by many people a renegade of sorts in his term and after so. we'll see how that pans out. the jury has his fate in their hands getting back to business tomorrow. >> ben, thank you. in gentleme geneva round tw.
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both sides are still very far apart. the opposition denounced what it said are violent attacks by the government. >> it is not acceptable that the regime will send it's own delegation t for peace while the is killing in syria. we're asking the international community to do something about it. >> while both sides have agreed to the seize fir crisis fire, io matt hollings worth who is in homs now. >> we managed to get 1,100 people out of homs, the area under besiegement.
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let me say a large proportion of the 1 1100 people are women, children, and elderly people who really are at their wits' end, people who have forgotten about fresh fruit and fresh vegetable look like, taste like, and really have been living an unbelievably difficult life for an extended period. >> matthew, talk about the effort to get aid into the city. we understand there is still a number of people who for whatever reason have decided not
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to leave. they have decided to stay with their homes. talk about the effort to get assistance to them, and what the challenges of that process are. >> we have managed to get a thousand people, but many people don't want to leave. they don't know anything else. we need to insur to assure theyt forcing anyone to leave. they're choosing to leave.
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>> we understand that the cease-fire has been extended for another three days. talk to me about what you hope to accomplish in that time period? >> if there are other areas, the example is stali stalingrad in e second world war, there are people digging tunnels between basements and buildings, and we need to get into certain areas where people are either too old or frail to make the journey into the areas. so we're going to try different routes into the city for the evacuation, and different routes to the city for assistance. everybody who has evacuated from
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homs has received food for their family for a month, and items that they'll need to restart their lives elsewhere. >> that is matthew holing worth director of the world food program. lawmakers say the chemical spill in west virginia could have been avoided. and vigilanties take a stance against drug cartel in mexico, raising questions about who is in charge.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. there were new revelations today about the tanks involved in last month's chemical spill in west virginia. the head of the u.s. chemical safety bill is one of several people who testified before a congressional meeting before the state capitol in washington. robert ray is there, robert, what came out that have hearing? >> the courthouse behind me very busy today. lots coming out of the building as new regulations were
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discussed, in information about the chemical tanks and the chemical that spilled into the elk river. the word water used several times but the word safe not associated with it. people fed up with the situation here still hitting water distribution sites around the area, and wondering when life will ever get back to normal. a rare congressional sub committee immediate hearing was held monday morning to explain how the chemical was spilled in the water supply in west virginia. >> we were on the end of this, this is a wake-up call for the country. >> reporter: they were surprised to learn that three months before there was an inspection and did not meet industry standards. there was testimony that this entire situation could have been avoided. >> in october 2013 at the risk
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of the company tank and engineer management consultants made a review of the tanks located in charleston. that review notes the substance stored in tanks 396 consisting of hazard materials. not in attention freedom industries, the company blamed for the disaster. one committee member said that they had no courage. one representative said there is an odor emanating from freedom industries, and it is not licorice. we cannot legislate morality in the courtrooms where shell game playing abounds. when asked if the water as safe not one person could say the word. instead we heard this. >> am i confident in the science, i'm as confident as we can be given what we have. i believe the water based on the standards we have is useable for
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every purpose, and that includes drinking bathing and cooking. >> and this from the water company president. >> as a water company we don't set the safe standards, but we're in compliance with all the standards set by all the health agencies. >> meanwhile public faith in the water and officials are low, and new regulations are being used to make sure that a chemical spill like this never happens again anywhere in america. >> tony, the chemical boards will has responded to two different chemical spill incidents since 2008. then they made recommendations to the state of west virginia hoping that regulation would occur. they never heard anything back, and of course no action was taken. i might note one other thing. in the courthouse behind me earlier today we took notice that no one was drinking out of the tap water. there were no glasses with water as we usually see at government
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meetings, but more or less bottled water at the tables. >> it's not so much what you say but what you do, and that is telling action. robert ray for us, robert, thank you. >> we got to tell if you you're still looking for work, you're likely having a difficult time. one group really suffering so-called millennials. real money ali velshi has been investigating, ali. good to see you. how bad has it been for this group. >> reporter: i'll tell you, and you know because you've got them in your family. they're roughly defined as people in their 20's and 30's. if you're between 20 and 30 years old one unemployment rate is 1.9%. if you're between 20 and 34, which means you're recently out of school which is what you're supposed to do to get a job your unemployment rate is 11.9%.
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in this group of millennials, some of the highest educated group in history, is having a hard time getting a job. >> why? >> a couple of things. there might not be jobs for them. there is a perception issue. we polled business leaders, 35% gave these recent college grads a c or lower for job preparedness. 63% gave them c or lower for soft skills like integrity and professionalism. 70% of people in older generations believe these millennials .
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>> making sure that another winter storm does not paralyze again. and a drought hits ranchers and their livestock hard.
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consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the government shutdown. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. >> antonio mora, award winning and hard hitting. >> we've heard you talk about the history of suicide in your family. >> there's no status quo, just the bottom line. >> but, what about buying shares in a professional athlete? real perspective, consider this on al jazeera america
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at your top stories. university of missouri defensive linemen michael sam is getting a lot of support a day after telling the world he is gay. he could be nfl's first openly gay player. sam plans to take part of the scouting combine later this month and the nfl draft in may. another delay for obamacare. the obama administration said businesses with 50 to 99 employees will have until 2016 to comply with the healthcare
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mandate. the governor of georgia declares state of emergency for part of the state, hoping to avoid the events that paralyzed the state before. we're joined, from atlanta, it's great to see you. we spoke a little while ago. >> things were different. >> things were decidedly different. >> yes. >> what do you think the city and state have learned from that experience that will help starting tomorrow evening. >> i think they've learned a great deal in that now they are prepared, task forces have been performed, and as we spoke the last time we really never had anything happen to that magnitude of last time. and today schools are being closed for the next day in the region. the governor has made this
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emergency, people are being alerted about meetings. i've had three meetings canceled that i was supposed to attend to tomorrow. the children will not be in school, and government workers are being told that they are on the alert. >> yes. >> the only difference that i see is that we had no power outages the last time, but the weather forecast has said that there would be rain and sleet, which could mean power outages. but i do understand that georgia power are calling people so they're always prepared, so i have all the confidence in the world that it will not be let's say the turmoil that we experienced. >> i love that you're smiling. that would reveal a bit of confidence. >> i'm the proverbial optimist. i am, i think they took this
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very seriously. everything is in line now and i have all the confidence in the world that it will be handled. >> senator, we're not going to play the blame game, but i want you, you've had a couple of weeks to reflect on what happened at the end of january. just tell me what it was like there in the city, someone who was living there, working in the state, how bad was it from your perspective? >> well, from my perspective it was people being caught unaware, being in cars, being--staying in home depots, children being at school angle their parents not knowing what was going on. but i think that was the lesson that was learned the hard way.
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i think now we're better prepared for the future. we really commend all of the elected officials who took a lot of criticism. >> okay. >> so i'm really proud of what our governor has done, and what our mayor in atlanta and other elected officials as well as the school system. >> are you seeing a bit of a run? we've had a couple of video to come in to al jazeera america what looks to be the potential for a run on grocery stores. are you seeing that, and what is the best advice you have for people in your state? >> as a matter of fact i was in the grocery store when you called. and kroger was just lined up with people. they were telling me to go check out at certain areas that don't check out normally. well, my advice would be not to panic. the evening seems pretty cool and calm. if you don't have milk and things like that, go to the store. and hopefully it won't be as bad as we have been told it's going
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to be. but as i say our governor and our mayor of atlanta and other jurisdictions have all prepared for this. >> you are doing a big 'ol huggy embrace. that's what you're doing. you're spreading love with a big 'ol embrace. >> i'm the proverbial optimist, and being in politics as long as i was, i know no one likes to have gone through what we did the last time. >> senator, it's a pleasure to talk to you again. it really is. thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> i need it to work out. i got family down there. good to talk to you. thanks for your time. >> thank you so much. >> president obama and french president françoi françois holle leaders visits the home of thomas jefferson in virginia, and the obama administration said the site highlights its historic ties with france. >> our hope in starting our visit this way is that just as
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we can extend back through generations to see the links between the united states and france, tomorrow we'll have an opportunity to talk about not only our current bonds and alliance, but also ways that we can strengthen our cooperation in the future. >> and mike viqueira is back with us from the white house. mike, what are some of the things on the agenda for this meeting? >> well, you know, tony, there are a lot of serious issues. there are no questions between the united states and fans, things to discuss with syria and iran, mali and where france taking a lead role. taking posture in libya, and some discouraged by president obama's decision not to go to those strikes against syria but opting to go congress.
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these visits are special, it's not afforded to anyone but for close allies, it's days of pomp and circumstance, tuxedos and toasts. here is a little bit from the white house. >> reporter: for a country born of populous reas revolt, this s fancy as it gets. at a stage when they can talk or telecom any time face to face, it's a throwback to tradition, pomp, good manners, and gestures brimming with symbolism. anita mcbride had a hand in state visits for three administrations. >> there is no substitute for world leaders getting together face to face and building a relationship that technology cannot replace. >> reporter: it's a ritual that endures. president grant was the first hosting the king of hawai'i. and jfk with the south lawn ceremony. now an elaborate choreography
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complete with fyfe and drum core each stage is carefully planned. formality, elegance and fun all in the service of diplomacy. but with everyone on their best behavior even a minor gaffe can explode into an international isn't. during president obama's first term there was the infamous gate crash. >> the unfortunate one more than anything because it was such a concern was the breach of security that occurred in november of 2009 with the dinner for india when gate crashers made it through. >> reporter: and in 1991 queen elizabeth disappeared behind the microphones in what became known as the hat in state incident. >> everyone is careful measuring the height of the podium. we learned a lesson from that. that was one of the funnier moments. >> this time, wagging tongues.
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fresh off the tabloid scandal. president hollande will come stag after his break up with long time partner. it's not the first time that a couple has split on the eve of a state visit. >> we had indication throughout the summer that there were issues in their family life, they were married at the time, but we weren't sure until almost three weeks before the dinner whether she was coming or not. that's when their divorce had been announced. >> reporter: all in all the state visit is a public display of affection and good will afforded only to america's closest friends. here is an indication of how formal and staged a lot of this is, the president and president hollande spent the day together going down to president jefferson's home, but the arrival ceremony, that is tomorrow morning on south white
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house. >> how is the relationship changing? >> we've asked a lot about the relationship. we haven't asked about the nsa spying scandal. that has been under the skin of the germans as mucs and angela . some pushing the united states to act more forcefully in syria and they were in the lead of that in the initial stages. >> mike viqueira for us at the white house. no. mexico armed groups have pushed into a cartel-controlled city in the western state. the so-called vigilanties have been fighting the knights templar cartel for the last year. we have more from mexico city. >> reporter: vigilantys roll in with guns, the supposed cartel
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stronghold they have been aiming to take over for months. it's been years since the vigilanties rose up. they were tired of seeing friends and family extorted, kidnapped and killed by cartel. it's the heart of the farm belt. vigilantys said it was essential to liberate the city so businesses could begin again. it was essential to see the fight through. >> i know you're afraid, endure it and everything will turn out good with no more murders, no more extortions, threats or beatings. without giving the fruits of our work to these bandits who have taken all. >> reporter: in january the federal government sent thousands of police and soldiers into the state to try to take back control from both the cartel and the vigilanties. some vigilanties were even killed in clashes with the military. in the end the government made a
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truce, and now it's directing hundreds of them in a rural police force. the knight templars say the vigilanties are just a front for a rifling cartel. >> now they're going to look for the government to arrest all of the cartel leaders and develop the state. >> reporter: with so many armed groups on the loose it's going to be hard for the government to fully control this rural and rugged state. >> a new round of subpoenas issued in the so-called bridge gate scandal in new jersey. marie joins us with that and other stories making news around america today. >> reporter: tony n trenton, new jersey, today a legislative panel is issuing more subpoenas in the so-called bridge gate investigation. officials say a dozen new orders have been approved targeting governor chris christie's office and staff. two key figures received subpoenas last week but are refusing to comply.
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lawyers bill st perks iand and bridget kelly said the state orders should be withdrawn pending the criminal federal investigation. police in alexandria, virginia, have fears that a serial killer is on the loose. the most recent shooting came last week when a woman was shot and killed after a knock on her door around 11:30 in the morning. investigators believe an older man with a white beard was the gunman. police have released this sketch. the man is described as balding with some gray hair, a beard, and wearing a tan jacket. and in jacksonville, florida prosecutors have rested their case in the trial of a man charged with killing a teen outside of a convenience store after an argument over loud music. michael dunne has been charged with first-degree murder and claims he acted in self defense.
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the final prosecution witness, said dunne would have had-to-remove his gun from a holster, load it just before shooting 17-year-old jordan davis. the testimony bolstered the prosecution argument that dunne acted with premeditation. in diamond bar, california, east of los angeles, police are seeking witnesses to a car crash that killed six people. olivia was driving drunk and speeding the wrong way on highway 60 when she crashed into two vehicles. five females, two of them were 24 years old and a 47-year-old man were pronounced dead at the scene. the suspect remains hospitalized but is under arrest for driving under the influence and manslaughter. the police believe she was driving faster than 100 mph. one of the most important documents in history has arrived in houston, texas. the magna carta will be on display at the houston museum of
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natural sciences for the next six months. the document was originally written to prevent a civil war in england by granting rebelli rebellions certain freedom. and the patchment was fitted inside of an aluminum steel case and wrapped in special packaging. >> marie y you're back a little later. >> in a few minutes. like in five minutes. >> california drought forcing ranchers to make painful decisions to sell off their cattle. the impact is huge. melissa chan takes a closer look. >> reporter: sunrise over the ranch and the cattle have already assembled. waiting expectantly for their feed. they're hungry. the landscape brown and dry
6:45 pm
makes for scant forage. >> it's as bad as i've sign. it's definitely that. the other smaller droughts that we've had compare at all. >> winter rains normally produce green pastures but now the family must haul extra hay to feed their livestock. hay only grows when water flows, and with the drought that has meant a small supply for a big demand. >> well, we're at the point where we are out of feed. it will be a very expensive year for us. with all the additional feed we've had to purchase. >> reporter: what the local ranchers are telling us is that over the past month the price of a load of hay has gone up from $5,000 to $7,500. as the drought continues the situation is only going to get worse. the next step to cut losses will be at the auction yard.
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it's calf season, and ranchers are starting to see calves off early at half their usually sale weight rather than spend more money on feed. since the start of the year 2 to 3,000 calves have been sold here every week. this season usually sees just two to 500 hid of cattle come through. some buyers come as far as texas and the midwest to snatch up california cattle. dairy farmers also have tough decisions to make despite record high milk prices the cost of feed and shortage of water means heifers have also gone to auction. >> nothing works without water. i don't care what business you're in, but if you're already in agriculture, if you don't have water you're not going to be in agriculture. >> paul said he's right up against it. i'll have to sell cattle soon if the drought conditions. >> i have three sons that have all been brought up in this cattle business, and that's what
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they want to do. if we do have to sell cows, yeah, it will bother me. >> the family has worked this land for three generations. they tell us the drought's impact will be felt in the state's beef industry for years to come. melissa chan, al jazeera, stanislaus county, california. >> how smart is your dog? they're man's best friend, we know that, but what do we really know about them? tonight jacob ward takes a look at our four-legged furry friends. >> they've been man's best friend for centuries, a companion to tens of millions, but how much do we really know about dogs? >> hello, sweetie. >> how much do they know about us? >> do dogs have feelings in your opinion? >> yes. >> it's the bond, the behavior,
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and finalin finding out how smay might be. >> decrowding the inner lives of dogs. >> reporter: jake ward with new research, theories, and surprising findings that may change the way you look at america's most popular pet. >> and you can check out this story with john seigenthaler at 8:00 p.m. eastern time.
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my show sorts this all out. in fact, my staff has read the entire thing.
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which is probably more than what most members of congress can claim. we'll separate politics from policy, and just prescribe the facts.
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>> al jazeera america, live from new york city, i'm tony harris. university of missouri defensive linemen michael advantage a has announced he is gay.
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>> the obama administration will relax pents to the affordable care act, and they announced that under the adjusted rules companies between 59 and 99 will not have to pay a tax fee for not getting medical to employees. >> former new orleans mayor ray nagin facing charges of taking bribes and kickbacks.
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north korea rescinded its invitation to discuss kenneth bae's release. he has been charged 15 years to hard labor for trying to overthrow the government. "real money with ali velshi" is next on al jazeera america. millennials having an usually hard time in this country. also a new rule that lets average joes own skyscrapers, or at least small pieces of them. and we'll head to ohio for a firsthand look at tire shops jacking up prices. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money." ♪


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